Embryo Ash Affiliate Services

Sometimes natural conception doesn’t happen, no matter how hard we try! Today’s modern technology enables us to undergo IVF treatments to have our families. But what happens when we have completed our families, or have embryos saved in freezer storage?

We consider other alternatives…such as Embryo Cremation’. Beyond Love Creations has partnered with Embryo Ash Studios™ to deliver an outstanding service to you

Embryo Ash is a cremation service for parents of embryos, who do not wish to donate, have completed their family, or no longer want to pay the excessive yearly costs of freezer storage- or would just love to have their precious embryo babies close to them forever.

The Process:

Firstly the complete embryo straw/s are sent to be professionally cremated by The Embryo Ash Studios™. (Understandably we cannot remove the embryos from the straw due to it microscopic nature, so the full straw will be cremated). Once cremated it will be sent back to the clients (you), then back to me to be fully preserved and encased into a beautiful and meaningful jewellery piece.

I’ve made the process simple, click the link below. Send your precious straws to be professionally cremated by Amy at Embryo Ash Studios™. The precious ash is then returned directly to you within 14-21 days. In the meantime, I will help you choose the prefect keepsake to have your ashes added to and I will lovingly craft your ash into something tangible and precious. Once complete it will be returned directly to you as a beautiful memento for you and your family

Beyond Love Creations

Click the link below to find out cost options, book in your clarity call with Amy and to order


Together we can design any jewellery pieces. I will lovingly craft you a beautiful and tangible Embryo Ash stone to wear and cherish forever