The Process: How to Make Keepsake Jewellery

Breast milk Jewellery

Once your breast milk has arrived to our studio, we will send a notification to let your know your inclusions have arrived and are safe with us. We have a rigid organising system  which includes every order to have their own dedicated container which encases your labelled inclusions every step of the way, this is to ensure your milk is placed in the correct keepsake. We firstly label, heat and cool your milk to kill any bacteria, it is then once more heated and a number of preservatives are added to preserve and rapidly dry your milk. After the preserving process, your milk is placed in a sealed container (your own personal container) to dry, this takes 24 hours. It is then placed into a small zip lock bag which is labelled with the preservation date, your name and order number. We keep your preserved breast milk on file for 3 years unless stated otherwise by you.


Crafting your breast milk piece

Did you know some keepsake stones can take days to create? Each layer is carefully laid into the mold, left to cure for 24 hours, then the next layer added. When we are ready to craft your precious keepsake we do so one client at a time. This is to ensure we are never mixing up orders and can take special care with your inclusions to make it perfect. 

Once commencement of crafting has started your milk is ground and mixed with resin or shimmers and placed into a silicone mold, once the resin has set (usually 24 hours) we de-mold, clean up and set your keepsake stone into your chosen jewellery setting. Your jewellery is then polished, photographed, packed and the posted to you.



Cremation & Memorial Jewellery

Once we have collected your precious inclusions from the post office you will receive an email notification the advises you they are now safe with us. We give each client their own dedicated container with your order form printed out, any special requested notes are added along with the precious ashes or inclusions of your loved one. Cremation orders do receive first priority in our studio as we understand the overwhelm of having a piece of your loved one away from you. As we understand our ashes keepsakes are of the most utmost importance, we also take great diligence and care whilst crafting your stones to only use the correct amount of cremations. This ensures no cremations are left in mixing cups, on spoons, or on or mixing paper pads. We only use what is needed! Once crafting has commenced the cremations are placed back into your dedicated container and placed into our crafting pigeon hole in our locked studio. With every cremation keepsake we create, a personal blessing is given before we start crafting as a sign of respect for their once living soul. We are incredibly honoured to be apart of this sacred soul work.