Miscarriage Keepsakes

Beyond Love Creations holds your hand in times of sorrow. Our miscarriage keepsakes and sculptures provide comfort, helping you remember, grieve, and heal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't wear jewellery. Do you have other options for keepsakes?

Absolutely. We offer a unique range of non-jewellery keepsakes like music boxes and memory stones, specially designed for those who prefer not to wear jewellery but still wish to have a personal and meaningful memento.

How are these keepsakes helpful after a miscarriage or baby loss?

Keepsakes serve as tangible reminders of your little ones, providing comfort and acting as a symbol of their lasting presence. It’s a personal choice, and for many people, having a physical object to hold onto can be an important part of the healing process.

Can I customise my keepsake?

Absolutely, we offer various ways to personalise your keepsake, from inscriptions to choosing the type of material. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can make your keepsake uniquely representative of your loved one.

What is the process for the yearly maintenance check?

Our complimentary yearly maintenance checks are designed to keep your keepsake in the best condition. Just send it back to us and our skilled artisans will professionally clean and polish it and return it to you at no additional cost.

Heartfelt Keepsakes for Loss & Miscarriage

At Beyond Love Creations, we understand that every life is precious, no matter how short. We provide comfort and solace during your time of loss by offering a beautiful range of keepsakes specially designed to honour the brief but profound moments spent with your little ones. Our range includes delicate baby loss keepsakes, miscarriage mementos, unique music boxes, and memory keepsake stones, each crafted with love, respect, and delicacy to commemorate and celebrate your angel.

We believe in giving you the highest quality pieces that endure time and provide a lasting, tangible connection to your loved ones. In addition, we provide complimentary yearly maintenance checks to ensure that your keepsake remains in the best condition, as a testament to the enduring love you hold for your angel.

Australia & Beyond: Spreading Comfort Worldwide

Based in Townsville, we extend our heartfelt services Australia-wide with free shipping. We believe in being there for every parent, in every corner of the world. Hence, we also offer international shipping options, ensuring that our keepsakes can offer solace, celebrate life, and create an everlasting connection, no matter where you are.

At Beyond Love Creations, we create more than just keepsakes. We create reminders of the indomitable spirit of love, turning loss into remembrance, and ensuring that no memory fades away. Your angels may have left your arms, but they will never leave your heart. Let us help you honour their memory in the most beautiful way possible.