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My name is Steph and I am the owner and creative soul of Beyond Love Creations. The passion to start Beyond Love Creations arose with the birth of my beautiful son. Given 1% chance of ever having a child, 6 long years of trying to conceive, failed IVF cycles and a whole lot of heartache along the way my husband and I had the luckiest break of our life and finally had our bubba boy, conceived NATURALLY! (Mic drop moment for us). After a traumatic birth of my son, I was also diagnosed with PNDA and PTSD. This led me to wanting to keep every milestone and memory alive not just within my heart but via the expression of art. This was and is my healing process.

I am a firm believer that life throws an abundance of things at us for a reason. To learn, to grow, to feel. Without these experiences no matter how joyful or heartbreaking, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. One of my favourite sayings is: You must bloom where you are planted.

To me this means that where ever you are and whatever you are doing in this moment, do your best, shine and show your true self, Blossom with all your being even if the situation isn’t ideal. You will find your path!

As an empath I feel when I create, I want to celebrate the joy-ace occasions in life and honour the sorrows, helping and expressing the healing process. I aim to keep my business authentic and a true reflection of myself. My business philosophy is of utmost importance. I will always endeavor to give the greatest experience I can from first contact to the delivery of your pieces. 

Much Love,

Stephanie XO 


Creating something magical

Beyond Love Creations crafts quality keepsakes for those who are wanting to keep memories alive and close to their hearts. Whether you are celebrating a journey of breast feeding, birth, marriage, honouring a life gone to soon or just taking a moment in time and making it a timeless heirloom, We are here to be by your side through this time in your life.

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Our vision for you

Our vision is to capture, create and commemorate your personal
memories in life. If you want someone to capture an everlasting
sentiment and your deep connections, You’ve arrived at the right place! We will help you capturethe physical and emotional essence of your life by creatinghigh quality keepsakes to treasure forever.

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Ashes pendant with purple opal and purple flecks, violet shimmer
Ashes pendant with purple opal and purple flecks, violet shimmer
Ashes pendant with purple opal and purple flecks, violet shimmer