Processes For Inclusions

Breast Milk

Upon receiving your breast milk, we'll notify you of its safe arrival. Our organized system involves assigning a dedicated labeled container to each order. This ensures that your milk is correctly handled for the keepsake creation process. We label, heat, and cool the milk to eliminate bacteria. After preservation and rapid drying with added preservatives, the milk is sealed in your personal container to dry for 24 hours. It's then transferred to a labeled zip lock bag with preservation date, your name, and order number. We retain preserved milk for 3 years, unless you specify otherwise. For crafting, 10ml of milk, either pumped or hand-expressed, is sufficient.

Cremation & Memorial

Upon receiving your cherished inclusions, you'll get an email confirming their safe arrival. Each client gets a dedicated container, where we add your order form and any requested notes along with your loved one's precious ashes or inclusions. Cremation orders receive top priority as we understand the emotional significance. We're meticulous about using the right amount of cremations to avoid any waste, ensuring utmost care in crafting your keepsakes. After crafting begins, the cremations go back into your container, stored securely in our studio. Before crafting each cremation keepsake, we offer a personal blessing as a mark of respect for their departed soul. It's an honor to be part of this sacred process.


We can use as little as one strand of hair in a keepsake, if you would like it to be a little thicker,  Please ensure that we have a matchstick width and about 1 centimetre long. for beads we do request 3 centimetres length to ensure it wraps around the bead fully, remembering if the hair is white it can be transparent once in resin, a good way to check this is to dip the hair in a glass of water if it goes clear you know that it will be clear in resin.

Umbilical cord

We only need to use a very small piece of your umbilical cord if it's still stuck to the peg that it was clamped with please pop all of that in one bag with your name labelled on it and we will take a small snip off and return the rest to you with your order

Embryo ivf straw

Please advise your clinic youd like to release your embryos, fill out the required forms at your clinic . Once you have collected your embryo straws or tubes please place them in bubble wrap and then into a zip lock bag. We will cremate your straws and either craft with them or return them to you as cremations. ( please note the ashes are very minimal once the straw has been cremated)

Egg /fetal sack or dehydrated fetus

For egg or fetal sack please make sure that it is dehydrated before sending to us in the post you're welcome to wrap it up in bubble wrap and then pop it into a zip lock bag we will use a small piece or the whole amount depending how you'd like your design to look and any remaining will be sent back to you with your order


If you have flowers Please ensure that they are fully dry before posting just place a little bit into a zip lock bag and any remaining that is not used will be sent back to you with your order

Menstrual blood

Many people like to have their menstrual blood in a keepsake to honour a early child loss or to also honour their menstrual cycle also known as moon blood. if you would like to have a keepsake made with your menstrual blood please collect a small amount dry it out on a piece of parchment or wax paper. Once it is dry please fold that piece of paper up, and pop it into a zip lock bag, we only need a very small amount less than 1/4 of a tablespoon to create a piece, the blood will be dried and can change colour once in resin

Soil/ dirt/sand

Force and search or soil we will only need a quarter of a teaspoon placed into a zip lock bag and labelled with your name any remaining dirt sand or soil that is not used will be returned with your order

Pet fur

For pet fair we do ask for is a 1 centimetre length or a three-centimetre length if you are using the hair for beds please pop your pets fir into a zip lock bag with your name labelled on the front any remaining fur we do not use will be sent back with your order


For fabric we will only lead a small snip less than a 5 cent piece to create your beautiful keepsake stone any fabric we don't use will be sent back with your order the best resin finish for fabric is clear resin with no shimmers.


We do like to use the whole tooth, however if you would like the tooth crushed please advise in the notes box at checkout. Simply place the tooth in a Ziplock bag or some glad wrap and place into a padded envelope to post to us.


Please provide 1 scoop of formula, this will be reconstituted and preserved, just pop it in a sealed bag with your name labelled on it and post directly to us

Encapsulated placenta

Please place 1 capsule into a sealed bag, we will open the capsule and use a very small amount, any remaining capsule will be returned with your order.

Custom made just for YOU

If you have an idea or sketch for a custom jewellery piece, we can help bring your vision to life.

Alongside our qualified jeweller, we can personalize your dream piece. Over the past 6 years Beyond Love Creations has completed many custom designs

Custom designs we have made

Bring your ideas to life with a personalized keepsake

Solid Rose Gold ring with ashes & CZ stone- $3100

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen image

Breast milk, pink shimmer & opalescent fleck- $545

Sterling silver, milk & pearl white shimmer emerald cut ring- $700

Ashes with teal shimmer- $2920

Sterling silver set featuring the main stone of cremations an the three lowers stones breast milk and hair- $880

Breastmilk with pearl white shimmer- $610

Copper shimmer, dog fur cuff links- $400

Sapphire blue shimmer, ashes Earrings- $440

Ashes with midnight blue shimmer (stone only) with ring resize into a clients existing ring- $365

Dragonfly brooch Sterling silver- dog fur & light blue shimmer-$550

Ashes with teal shimmer- $1500

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We love custom designs

We can create stones for your existing jewellery, design from a sketch or send you ideas & inspiration for your keepsake