What can I add to my keepsake?

What Can I add to a keepsake jewellery piece?


Great question!


Here is a list of inclusions we can add but the sky is the limit and there is always room for custom additions.




Pet fur

Ashes (Human and animal)


Umbilical cord

Embryos or ivf straws





Encapsulated placenta

Pregnancy test caps

Sand, soil or dirt from beaches, graves or wedding places


Something sentimental to you- we have had clients use gemstones, pieces of gold, their dogs favourite balls or a snip of material from their collar. We can even use the cap from a pregnancy test to make you a piece of pregnancy test jewellery.


Our jewellery is incredibly personalised and is designed for YOU. Our keepsake jewellery tells your story, captures your memories and life bonds.

Custom made just for YOU

If you have an idea or sketch for a custom jewellery piece, we can help bring your vision to life.

Alongside our qualified jeweller, we can personalize your dream piece. Over the past 6 years Beyond Love Creations has completed many custom designs

Custom designs we have made

Bring your ideas to life with a personalized keepsake

Solid Rose Gold ring with ashes & CZ stone- $3100

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen image

Breast milk, pink shimmer & opalescent fleck- $545

Sterling silver, milk & pearl white shimmer emerald cut ring- $700

Ashes with teal shimmer- $2920

Sterling silver set featuring the main stone of cremations an the three lowers stones breast milk and hair- $880

Breastmilk with pearl white shimmer- $610

Copper shimmer, dog fur cuff links- $400

Sapphire blue shimmer, ashes Earrings- $440

Ashes with midnight blue shimmer (stone only) with ring resize into a clients existing ring- $365

Dragonfly brooch Sterling silver- dog fur & light blue shimmer-$550

Ashes with teal shimmer- $1500

Contact us with your ideas

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We love custom designs

We can create stones for your existing jewellery, design from a sketch or send you ideas & inspiration for your keepsake