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With Beyond Love Creations, choose more than jewellery—choose lasting memories. Our cremation jewellery encapsulates the essence of your loved ones, offering solace and preserving their spirit in a timeless piece.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery, also known as memorial or remembrance jewellery, is a special type of jewellery designed to hold a small portion of cremains (ashes) from a deceased loved one. These pieces allow you to carry a physical memento of your loved one with you at all times.

How is cremation jewellery made?

Cremation jewellery is made by skilled artisans who use specialised methods to create a stone out of the provided ashes. The process involves careful handling and respect for the ashes.

How do I care for my cremation jewellery?

While our pieces are crafted to withstand everyday wear, we recommend treating your jewellery with care to preserve its condition. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or environments. Also, we offer complimentary yearly maintenance checks to ensure your jewellery remains in the best possible condition.

Can cremation jewellery hold anything other than ashes?

While traditionally designed for ashes, cremation jewellery can also contain other small physical mementos such as a lock of hair or a bit of burial soil.

Exquisite Eternity Collection

In life, we find extraordinary comfort and solace in the memories and experiences we share with our loved ones. And when the inevitable separation arrives, we yearn to keep those connections alive. Our bespoke range of cremation jewellery at Beyond Love Creations is designed to help you cherish these connections in a timeless manner.

Our skilled artisans based in Townsville, Australia, meticulously create each piece using 100% genuine precious metals—gold, silver, or platinum, with no plating. The artistry involved ensures that each necklace, ring, or bead is not only unique but also holds an everlasting bond with your loved one.

Free shipping across Australia and competitive international shipping options mean that your chosen piece can be a comforting presence no matter where in the world you might be.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality & Care

We understand the immeasurable value of the memories that will be entrusted to us. As such, our commitment to you extends beyond creating exquisite pieces. Our complimentary yearly maintenance checks serve to ensure that your jewellery remains as radiant and enduring as the memories it embodies.

Whether you have chosen a delicate necklace adorned with the finest gemstones, a robust ring with a hidden compartment, or a beautifully sculpted bead for your charm bracelet, we promise to care for it as if it were our own. This complimentary service offers a professional cleaning, inspection, and minor repairs if required, at no additional cost to you.

At Beyond Love Creations, we believe that love transcends time and space. Our carefully curated cremation jewellery allows you to celebrate that belief by keeping your loved ones close, always.