Umbilical Cord Keepsakes

Commemorate the miracle of life with Beyond Love Creations. Our placenta and umbilical cord keepsakes symbolise the bond between mother and child, celebrating the start of an extraordinary journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is umbilical cord jewellery?

Placenta and umbilical cord jewellery are unique keepsake pieces crafted from the preserved placenta and/or umbilical cord of a newborn. The pieces aim to symbolise the profound connection between a mother and her child, preserving the memory of pregnancy and birth in a tangible form.

How is the jewellery made?

At Beyond Love Creations, we use specialised methods to carefully encase your dried placenta and/or umbilical cord into our custom jewellery designs using jewellery-grade resin and 100% genuine precious metals.

Is it safe to send my placenta and umbilical cord?

Yes, it is safe. We provide detailed instructions on how to properly package and send these items to our studio. Rest assured, we handle each specimen with utmost respect and care.

What types of designs do you offer?

We offer a variety of designs including rings, beads, earrings, and pendants. Our extensive selection allows you to choose a design that truly resonates with your personal style and the bond you share with your child.

Honouring the Sacred Connection

Immerse yourself in the profound mystery and wonder of life's most beautiful journey with Beyond Love Creations. We understand the depth of the connection between a mother and her child. The umbilical cord and placenta aren't merely physical constructs; they represent a remarkable, heartfelt bond of love, nourishment, and shared DNA that forges two souls into one. These sacred elements, the very essence of life's beginning, can be transformed into an exquisite keepsake to cherish forever. Allow us to introduce you to our unique, heartfelt collection of umbilical cord and placenta keepsakes.

Our pieces are meticulously crafted in our studio based in Townsville, and we're proud to offer free shipping across Australia. But the love doesn't stop at our shores; we also ship worldwide, ensuring that every mother can hold onto this tangible memento of a connection like no other. Each piece is designed with an unrivalled attention to detail, lovingly handcrafted using 100% genuine precious metals without any plating. This is a testament to the natural, pure connection that your keepsake represents.

Beyond Love Creations doesn't just create jewellery; we create connections, memories, and love embodied in a tangible form. The umbilical cord and placenta are indeed the true mother-child connection, reflecting an ethereal bond that is both sacred and life-affirming. Having your unique umbilical cord jewellery piece crafted is a way of eternally honouring this extraordinary bond.

Celebrating Your Journey

At Beyond Love Creations, we don't see our relationship with you as a mere transaction; we see it as an integral part of your beautiful journey. From the moment you choose us to craft your umbilical cord and placenta keepsake, you become a cherished part of the Beyond Love family.

To ensure your keepsake continues to reflect its original allure and shine, we offer complimentary yearly maintenance checks. We believe in preserving the beauty of your piece, just as we believe in celebrating and cherishing the beautiful bond it symbolises.

Crafting each keepsake requires time, patience, and a profound respect for the sacred materials with which we work. Each piece we design becomes a story – a story of love, connection, and the awe-inspiring journey of motherhood.