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DIY Breastmilk kit

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Create your very own breast milk piece at home with a DIY breast milk preservation kit. These kits are perfect for a gift or to get creative and proudly show off your efforts


This kit includes:

1 x Little Windows 2 part resin A + B

1 x Packet of breast milk preserving powder

Shimmer colours- Pearl white, Blue, Pink, gold flecks, silver flecks

1 x bead mold

4 x sterling silver bead cores (this makes two beads)

1 x Pair of gloves

Mixing cups

Stirring sticks

Blue tack if needed

Detailed instructions

Extra Jewellery settings of your choice can be added below, If you'd like more than 1 added please email me and I can create a custom listing for you- email to


** 1 sachet of preservation powder, preserves 5 ml of breast milk. This can make between 6-12 pieces.

 ** You will need glue to glue in the bead cores- any superglue is fine